Sovereigns of the Collapse

Sovereigns of the Collapse is a series of four dystopian novels set during the most disastrous social collapse of recorded history. The series begins in the the Public Era, which is to say in the last years of globalized, digitized, motorised, debt-sodden, feckless living that we know today. It ends seventy-odd years later with the final battle between the private sovereigns and the public nationalists.

The first book to be published is Extreme Economic Logic, which is actually the third in the series. It will remain the best gateway when all four books are completed. The recommended reading order will be 3-1-2-4. This may seem odd, but in fact  the events of Book 3 add a perspective that enhances the implications of the events in Book 1 and Book 2. That said, the first three books will be self-contained. The theme common through Sovereigns of the Collapse is the Krossington family, who rose from humble beginnings in Book 1 to be the most powerful family on the Island of Britain, and in consequence, the main target of reaction in Book 4.

Book 1 – Provisional Title – The Last Playtime of the Fatted Masses

Book 1 centres on the life of Wilson Krossington, his beginnings in a plain Midlands town of England, his struggle against family ructions and snobbery to achieve success as an industrialist. It is this success that places him advantageously to expand his wealth beyond imagination during the utter collapse of civil society when it happens. The collapse is global and irreversible. Wilson’s triumph comes not without costs: most of his family and friends vanish in the Nameless Gone, despite his every effort to rescue them. Book 1 ends with the Glorious Resolution i.e. the passing of the laws of Naclaski and Frite and the founding of the glory trusts.

Book 2 – Provisional Title – The Sack of Oxford

Book 2 is set just over forty years after the Glorious Resolution. The protagonist (yet to be named officially, so I’ll call him Jimmy) has grown up inside the Loch Sunart Nature Reserve in a nest of infestation. The nest is extracted by the local glory account. Due to his potentially dangerous family history, Jimmy is turfed about within the bureaucracy of the glory trust, one day feted and the next threatened with execution. By social ingenuity he gains the sympathies of young Tom and Rina Krossington and her fiancee Prentice Nightminster. Unfortunately, wider events disrupt his plans and he is poured through a fantastical scheme devised by Tom Krossington’s foolish elder brother Marcus-John. The scheme is a disaster and leads directly to the Sack of Oxford. Jimmy must fight not just to survive, but to save his lover and new friends.

Book 4 – [No provisional title yet]

The ultimate edition ofthe series will fuse the strands of the first three books into the climactic confrontation between the sovereign class and the public nationalists.